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Adult Education: Mrs. Nita Caldwell

Children's Education: Mrs. Frances Rumsey

What’s Happening in the WoRM HoLE?
WoRM teachers met to talk about the successes we have had this year and areas to improve. All in all, it has been another great year. I thank each and every teacher for their commitment and the wonderful job they are doing. Be sure to thank your child’s teachers too!
The Bible Bucks Store is in need of items for ages 8 - 11, especially boys. The Bible Bucks Store also needs someone to be clerk every Sunday. Do YOU want to?
Christ Church Sunday Nursery
February Curriculum
Feb. 3: Noah and the Big Boat
Genesis 6:8-8:22
Craft: Build Noah’s Ark
Song: Where is Noah?
Feb. 10: Noah and the Big Boat
Genesis 6:8-8:22
Craft: Make and Feed a Hungry Bird
Song: Noah Sailed His Great Big Ark
Feb. 17: Joseph’s Colorful Coat
Genesis 37
Craft: Make a Joseph Paper Doll and Clothing
Feb. 24: Joseph’s Colorful Coat
Genesis 37
Craft: Make Joseph’s Camel

Spring Sign-Up Sheet
Volunteers for Spring are needed and you can sign up on the new Spring sign up sheet for Nursery
Volunteers located on the nursery door. Your “job” will be to “meet and greet” parents and children as they are dropped off at the nursery. Please consider being a part of this rewarding ministry.

Nursery Toy Drive
The nursery is in need of age appropriate books, puzzles and toys (no riding toys, please). We also need large crayons and coloring books for toddlers. The age range is 0 - 4 years. If you have a toy that you would like to donate (new or almost new) please drop it off in Dee Warner’s office.

Nursery Registration
The Nursery Sign-In sheet has returned to its original location in the Nursery. Please be sure to fill out a nursery registration form if your child visits or might visit the nursery.

Sixth National Multi-Dimensional/Rotational Learning Conference
Christ Church of Oakbrook, Illinois March 8-9, 2002
St. James Presbyterian Church, Littleton, Colorado April 12-13, 2002
“Religious Education with the Brain in Mind: Teaching for Life Change”
CMA was formed by a group of Christian educators in Chicago who gave a model a name and international recognition. The national organization was founded to empower educators to transform churches through creative learning environments (for Sunday school) that bring people of all ages to a mature Christian faith. There are many churches in Alabama who will be represented this year at the Rotational Convention. Sarah Sartain, from the Diocesan Office, will be attending along with many other people. This conference is loaded with experts who will lead workshops on Computers, Storytelling, Drama, Developing Design Teams, Videos, Understanding Spirituality, Shepherding, Art, Puppetry, etc. There is a bus tour of Rotational Model Churches in the area on Friday evening. If you are interested, please contact Frances Rumsey at the Church (758-4252).